She captivates us with her "tremendous temperament, huge musicality and breathtaking instrumental technique" (Kölner Stadtanzeiger). She offers us "exciting expressiveness in rich colours" (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung). The Nordbayerischer Kurier finds her "the absolute apogee of mellifluous and feminine feeling for sound", even a "singing swan of the cello". Especially prized by the music press and audiences the world over is Joanna's bewitching power of expression, which she exemplifies in all musical styles. Hand in hand with this goes her love of experimentation, demonstrated by her broad-minded approach to playing in the most varied of instrumental combinations. As well as relishing the challenges of the solo repertoire, Joanna is both a committed chamber and orchestral musician, and has always regarded orchestral playing as an extended form of chamber music.

Particularly worthy of mention in this context are the unconventional ensembles in which this versatile cellist can often be heard, for instance duos with…

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